how to play

bloom is a puzzle game where you take control of a mouse named squik in order to match groups of 3 or more flowers and prevent them from reaching the top! 

squik can move left and right and can raise and lower the stems of the flowers. she can also swap out two stems by pressing the z button over them. match flowers based on their shape, color or pattern in groups of 3 or more to clear them out.


bloom was made by kyle nyland for a game by its cover 2018. it is based on the famicase entry of the same name, designed by richard perez of skinny ships.

thank you to my wife megan, i love you! ❤️

Bloom Famicase Entry



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If you understand the controls then this can be awesome puzzle game! Played it for a good while and zoned out  but sometimes it was a bit too slow. Very enjoyable and polished Kyle.