Paint your masterpiece and submit it to the gallery! Browse others' paintings and give them a thumbs up! 👍

Created for A Game By Its Cover 2017.

Based on the Famicase 2017 entry, "qaint!" by Anthony Grimando

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
AuthorKyle Nyland
Made withConstruct
Tagsart, artgame, artist, Construct 2, Drawing, paint, Singleplayer, social

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This is way too fun


Can you make so that instead of seeing 110 pictures max in the gallery, you can see all paintings ever created?


Thanks for playing! I will look into fixing this soon.

Hey, I just published a fix for this! Enjoy!

qaint! - v1.1.1 Gallery Bugfix - qaint! by Kyle Nyland (


Great simple drawing program! Using this while listening to an audiobook for school!

Thanks for playing!

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yeah this is fantastic but the guy below me has a good point.

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It's a fun game but it needs an eraser and an undo button. The liking system needs to be fixed because you can like a post multiple times.


I love the energy in the music and the prompts!


Mine is the "extreme suitcase" :D I would had love if a bucket tool  were available (and tablet support) but it was pretty fun :)

100% fun and friendly experience!

A great entry. Love that I can even load it up and look at the gallery on my phone <3